/  Jody Williams

Jody Williams

Often people come to Yoga searching for something. Jody was no different. After 15 years of daily mindfulness meditation practice, endless retreats, and time at a Buddhist Monastery – he still felt like something was missing.

He found it on the mat at his first Yoga class: the body, breath, and mind working together through movement brought the sense of ease he was looking for.

Jody offers an authentic, mindful, down to earth approach to teaching. Without losing the integrity of the Yoga tradition, he brings insights from his Buddhist practices into class and focuses on mindful movement, linked with the breath to enhance the meditative quality of Yoga.

What to expect: Jody teaches people not poses,” we don’t force our body to get into the pose, but we use the pose to get into our body”.  The class focus is on functional movement, balancing the nervous system and calming the mind. Leave class feeling grounded, balanced and rejuvenated.